Christians Rampage Over God’s Removal at the DNC, Not

A mob of angry Christians stormed the HQ of the Democrat Party in Charlotte, NC after the Democrats removed God from their platform and forgot that Jerusalem was the Capitol of Israel. A day later the same angry mob attacked the Federal Building in Charlotte killing a high-ranking official in the process.

Oh no, wait a minute, I got my facts wrong. Actually it was a mob of angry Muslims (yeah, the religion of peace) that rioted in Cairo, Egypt and stormed the American Embassy in Libya killing the US Ambassador.

And the reason for these outrageous attacks, some movie that supposedly offends Muslim sensibilities.

The US reaction thus far is to apologize to the rioters in the first place and n the second place issue a weak protest while recognizing the Ambassador’s sacrifice in trying to help the very people who killed him.

As Sarah Palin rightfully put it, “how is that Arab Spring working out for you?” Any notion that these nations (Egypt and Libya) are going to be free speech democracies should be put to rest for good. Islam does not and will not allow free speech as we know it.

As I write this I’m watching Libyans tear up the American flag and doing their usual chanting and dancing around  with Jihadi black flags and glee on their faces on American ground. Yes, I said American ground because an embassy is considered the same thing as America itself and storming an embassy used to be considered an act of war.

Black flag of Islam in London, England.

The fact that these two attacks have occurred right after the 9/11 memorials should be enlightening to the American people. Muslim Jihadists are not our friends, not eleven years ago, not now, not ever.

The Jihadist mentality runs deeper in Islam than many know or seem to care. There have been nearly 20,000 Jihadi terrorist attacks since 9/11, yet few make the news.

If you’d like an excellent explanation of what Muslim holy war is and its history as well as what parts of the Quran teach Jihad follow the link to the Australian Islam Monitor given here.

At the last report more US Marines are being dispatched to protect our embassies and consulates.

22 comments on “Christians Rampage Over God’s Removal at the DNC, Not

  1. Watched one of your sermons online by the way, I really enjoyed it. Do I find you on Facebook ?

    • Thank you for your kind words. I don’t preach all that much because I’m not the teaching pastor. He’s in Ireland with his wife. My primary jobs are counseling and looking after our small groups. I’m touched that you’d look me up and yes I am on FB.

      danke mein freund

      • Went to the page but could not figure out how to friend you.

      • Dont know which Bruce Roeder you are, many have no photos

      • Profile pic should be a baseball cap, dark blue, red bill, large white “M”.

        It was the cap of the Milwaukee Braves, a baseball team from my child hood.

      • No Bruce Roeder with baseball cap :-/ There is one with two children, whom I just sent a friends request lol

      • One the reasons I only tolerate FB. I have no idea why you can have a profile picture if no one can see it.

        Hmmmmmmm, I am Bruce Roeder and live in Oak Creek Wisconsin. My wife’s name is Elizabeth and have one married son. Not sure who got your request 😉

        If it doesn’t work the next time I’ll change my profile picture to a real one of me. Maybe FB does not allow trademark pics to be used as profile pics if people search for you. Who knows?

      • No chance :-/ Cant find you. Are you listed as Bruce Roeder (full name)?

      • Yes.
        I just changed my profile picture from the baseball cap to one of me and my wife.

      • oops, i changed my privay settings aswell. You now should be able to befriend me

      • It worked! I could not find the request button when suddenly it appeared. You are right about the security settings.

      • I’ll check it out more later. Looks good like all you do. The one entry about the Jager made me think about this note I took for my files. I grabbed it from some German Military Archive that Ancestry.com had access too. It reads: Roeder , v., PrLt (-1870); From 22/06/1867 Pomm.JgBtl 2, 1870 EK 2; 12/02/1870 mortally wounded at Villiers; Pomeranian, 2 Jaeger Bn. Royal Prussian Jäger Battalion Prince Bismarck (Pomeranian) No.2

        I’m purely speculating and obviously the name and location of the unit’s recruitment area caught my eye (Roeder-Pomeranian Jager Bn). My great-grandfather was born in 1866 probably in Pomerania and so I thought this fellow might be his father. I cannot find his father’s name as he may have been illegitimate but I can’t prove that either. Anyway, for the hec of it I ran the search that turned up the above soldier who apparently was wounded\killed during the Franco-Prussian War at Villiers. I filed the notation just in case I ever get a solid lead on my great-grandfather’s father’s name. The above fellow’s first name appears to be “Prit” and he is a “von Roeder” but I’m uncertain as to the meaning. My dad used to say we were “vons” but he was known to make stuff up 🙂 I can’t find who he came over to America with either although 1875 is the recorded date. That would have made him 9 years old and it would have been shortly after the end of the Franco-Prussian War. My speculation is he came to live with a relative already here but I have no proof although plenty of Roeders lived in the Milwaukee area in the 1870’s. I’m going to keep looking though. Thanks for your interesting websites.

      • PrLt von Roeder = Premier-Lieutenant. No first name given

      • Is that an Oberleutnant?

      • Well yes, kind of. Usually in command of a company

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