Paul Ryan and Ben Franklin

Paul Ryan is our congressman. We’re happy to see him on the Republican ticket and yet feel sorry for him and his family as the vilifying attacks on him have already started.

Official portrait of Congressman .

Official portrait of Congressman . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I wonder why good, honest men would subject themselves to an increasingly nasty process. I certainly realize that both sides spin to their advantage but the out right lying used especially by the progressives who will do anything to win is especially disturbing.

Yet Ryan, who never really has sought leadership has found himself accepting his party’s call, chiefly on his ability to articulate the very real fiscal crisis our country is in.

Perhaps at no time since the American Civil War has there been such a clear contrast between the candidates and their vision for the country. During the Civil War the question was could the US be half-free and half-slave. It could not as those two views are mutually exclusive.

I do not wish to pursue the analogy too far but there are similarities between then and now.

Will the American people as a whole become ever dependent on the government? Will they give up their liberty for a government gravy train funded by borrowing and a debt burden that will crush our children and their children? Will our children and their children become slaves to a government that gives the appearance of a benevolent dictatorship and seeks to be popular by giving away other people’s money?

A long time ago I heard a saying that went something like this; “if you take the King’s dollar (pound if you are British) then certainly you are the King’s man. The saying has to do with the attitude of a mercenary whose support is bought with gold or silver.

As more and more Americans become dependent on the King’s dollar they will certainly become the King’s people who buys their loyalty at the expense of someone else and at the expense of everyone’s liberty including their own.

Ben Franklin noted accurately that “when the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

My fear is that old Ben was dead on. When  51% of the American people are willing to sell their souls to King Obama’s benevolence it will indeed be an end to the Republic as we’ve known it.

The Romney\Ryan ticket heralds a reversal of attitude and a restatement of the worldview envisioned by the founders. The only question is whether or not 51% of American voters will choose independence or an unaccountable government dependence and all that implies.

I hope I don’t have to say, “I told you so.”

5 comments on “Paul Ryan and Ben Franklin

  1. “The Romney\Ryan ticket heralds a reversal of attitude and a restatement of the worldview envisioned by the founders.” GEEZ!

    • Well, brevity is good. LOL. Yeah, the statement is a bit of an over simplification and perhaps even a reach. I would submit however, that the Romney\Ryan economic worldview has more in common with the Founders than the forced collectivism of Obama\Biden. Thanks for the comment. You cracked me up.

      I read your piece on Evolution\Creation and your I.D. conclusion. I was an agnostic for a while but could never quite shake off what I thought was obvious I.D. Anyway, thought it was a good piece of writing. Thanks for stopping by. I’m still chuckling.

  2. Bruce,
    I’d like to have a sharing re the “Civil War” and slavery thing sometime.
    Been thinking about putting up something concerning slavery and how that period of history is exploited today.
    Concerning the gravity of the upcoming election, I do not think your “reversal of attitude” statement is an over reach.
    If we might consider a simple definition of slavery, it may be when one man lives in a condition wherein he is forced to surrender portions of his life (effort, posessions, etc.) to the will of another.
    If the election goes in the wrong direction, I am persuaded that the three classes of people in the U.S. will become slave masters, slaves and vassals.

    • As always my friend Bill, you do not tend to say much but when you do, you say it well.

      I think the contrast between the parties could not be more obvious or more divisive at any time since slavery was the catalyst for the ACW.

      I’d most certainly agree that if Obama wins again that many Americans will sell their souls for even more of handout not realizing they are becoming willing wards of the “benevolent” state.

      A type of slavery based on vague notions “fairness”, that is Marxist class warfare with a smiley face. And that’s not an over reach 😉

      I’m looking forward to your post and will no doubt repost. Thanks for comments and encouragement.

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