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Lord Stirling and the 1st Maryland Regiment

I enjoy getting posts from the Center of Battlefield Archaeology on my FB. They frequently touch on subjects that interest me or I know something about. One recent post had to do with the 1st Maryland Regiment of the Continental Army. A historian by the name of Bob Furman believes that 254 soldiers of the […]

The Eagle has landed…

I remember sitting in my fifth grade desk at St. Rita Catholic School in 1962. Everyone knew that Astronaut John Glenn was circling the earth in a spaceship. The principle of the school interrupted our class on the P.A. system declaring the successful splashdown after Glenn had circled the planet three times in the Redstone […]

The Other Cushing

Students of the American Civil are generally familiar with Lt. Alonzo Cushing, the heroic 22-year-old Wisconsin native who died commanding Battery B, 4th US Artillery at Gettysburg. I remember visiting the Gettysburg Battlefield a number of years ago and standing at the very place Cushing and his men made their stand stemming what would historians […]

Sherman Crushing Cars

Attention WW2 geeks! My son and I play Memoir 44 when we have time, Playing Memoir 44 scratches the major itch we have for WW2 history. Our discussions often lead to photos and emails and sometimes questions. So, it wasn’t a surprise when he sent me the below video of a tank crushing a couple […]

Originally posted on the Common Constitutionalist:
The following are rare photos taken in the wild west of the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s including an incredible image of the notorious train-robbing gang “The Wild Bunch”, with the infamous Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Upon examination of the photos, you’ll notice the wild west…

Ancestor Update_James T. Robinson

In researching my wife’s genealogy I had hit a dead-end in regards to her great-grandfather, James T. Robinson. I knew that James was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and was eighteen-years-old when he immigrated to America in 1851. I also knew that he served in the 42nd Wisconsin Infantry during the American Civil War and that […]

The First Warrior Book Review

About a year ago I decided to blog primarily to sharpen my writing skills but also to write about my varied interests as the mood or an idea struck me. One of the unanticipated benefits of blogging was getting to know other members of the blogging community from around the world. One of these fellow […]

Paul Ryan and Ben Franklin

Paul Ryan is our congressman. We’re happy to see him on the Republican ticket and yet feel sorry for him and his family as the vilifying attacks on him have already started. Sometimes I wonder why good, honest men would subject themselves to an increasingly nasty process. I certainly realize that both sides spin to their advantage […]

Originally posted on the Common Constitutionalist:
A war veteran who thought his comrade had been killed in battle during the Second World War was left stunned after bumping into his old friend at a military show last month. Stan Hodge, 87, believed Bert Hadrill to have died in 1944 after being badly injured by a…

Another American Civil War Soldier in the Family

I’ve toyed on and off for years with genealogy and finally got to the point of paying Ancestry.Com for some help. With more and more and records being made digital it has proven to be a good move thus far. Ironically, I have been more successful in tracing my wife’s ancestry than my own.I attribute this to […]