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The Aurora Shootings and My Pastor’s Lack of a Take


Below is link to my friend’s blog. Actually, he is more than a friend although he is my best male friend. My best female friend is my wife just in case any of you are wondering. But, as I said he’s more than my friend, he’s also my pastor and my boss. I get to be his assistant pastor. I’ve learned much from him and read most of his blogs. Some of them I keep. The link will take you to one I plan to keep.

As a pastor and biblical counselor I will have to deal with suffering, death and sin; not exactly popular subjects in today’s culture. On occasion, a tragedy like the Aurora, CO shootings will occur and some will wonder about God, life, death and what might come next. This post is a bit unorthodox but it cuts to the chase of what truly is important.

Why? Because everyone dies, it’s just a question of how and when.


If you have any comments or feedback please leave them with the author. He has had a number so far and will appreciate the opportunity to interact with you if you so desire.



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