Chipmunks are Cute

Phase I-Back story

So chipmunks are cute.

They are also destructive little rodents.

If we had more raptors around we’d have less destructive little rodents.

But we don’t so we have to get rid of them some other way.

The chipmunks undermining the foundation of our home in Oak Creek apparently are immune to rat poison.

In fact, it appears the rat poison has caused them to multiply at a rapid rate.

Yes, the babies are cute.

They are also destructive little rodents that will become slightly larger destructive rodents.

No, my wife did not approve of the rat poison.

No, I did not enjoy trying to kill them.

Phase II-Lots of chipmunks

Wife: “The chipmunk problem is getting worse. I can hear them digging when I’m on the patio.”

Husband: “Errrrrrrr. The bird feeders do not help.”

Wife: “No, I suppose not. Call the man who helped us with the bees.”

Husband: “Errrrrrrrrrr”

Husband: “Hello Jerry, can you help us with the chipmunks like you did with the bees.”

Jerry: “No. No one in the city I know of exterminates chipmunks.”

Husband: “Errrrrr. So then what?”

Jerry: “You have to trap them. My son had that problem and got three in three hours. They breed quickly you know.”

Husband: “Errrrrrrrr.  “Where do I get a trap?”

Jerry: “Farm and Fleet. They sell the humane ones. You know, catch and release.”

Husband: “Errrrrrrr”

Phase III-reporting to the wife

Wife: “Did you call the exterminator?”

Husband: “Yes. He said no one in the city exterminates them. You have to trap them.”

Wife: “Then what?”

Husband: “Some people drown them.”

Wife: Scowl, body language not positive. “They are cute.”

Husband: “Some people release them far away from their homes, like in someone else’s yard.”

Wife: “Are you going to go and buy a trap?”

Husband: “Since the rat poison didn’t work and no one will exterminate them I guess I’ll have to.”

Wife: “Good, because if you just fill up their holes they will burrow inside our house because they can’t get out.”

Husband: “Errrrrrr.”

Phase IV after paying $34.00 for a small trap.

Husband: “Errrrrrrr”

Gal at check out: “Squirrels or chipmunks?” (Not paper or plastic, what the hec?”)

Husband: “Chipmunks.”

Gal  at check out: “They are cute.”

Husband: “They are also destructive little rodents.”

Gal at checkout: “I feed them. They are cute.”

Husband: “Errrrrrr”

Gal at check out: “What are you going to do with them when you catch them?”

Husband: Showing amazing restraint here since it was clear she thought I’d either eat them or drown them. “Not sure.”

Gal at check out: Giving me the you are a murderer if you drown them look. “They are cute.”

Husband: “Errrrrrr”

8 comments on “Chipmunks are Cute

  1. So! Welcome to our world and thanks for the ping back. We’re now up to 13 chipmunks and by the grace of God, that’s the last one! You and your wife’s conversations, sound very similar to ours’. I’m just sorry we weren’t able to brand their little ears somehow to actually see how many there were and then we would have been prepared and relocated the little guys a couple of years back. Best of luck in your endeavours, and trust me, the peanut butter really works!!

  2. I’ve been using the trap for a few years now since the “cute” chipmunks love to eat all the tomatoes in my garden. It does seem to work, even though it is a pain to set up the trap and “relocate” the critters far away after you catch them. It has been effective for me since I didn’t have the heart to drown them or poison them.

    • Thanks for the comment. The truth be known I have not caught a single one! The trap does not appear to be all that sensitive and the little varmints can get in, get the peanut butter and get out without tripping the trigger. I’ve resorted to sprinkling another have-a-heart product around their tunnel entrances. It’s suppose to deter them from hanging around by giving the area a bad smell or taste to them. Thus far, I think they think it’s some sort of condiment. My wife says I’m getting to be like “Carl” in Caddy Shack in my obsession to get um. I dunno, maybe the next step is a little C4 explosives.

      • The trap can be tricky as far as getting it to trip when you want it to. Many times I’ve set the trap with bait only to find it empty a few hours later and the trigger never tripped. The other day I actually saw a chipmunk inside the trap eating the peanut butter and when he saw me, he just scooted out! If you experiment with it, you can get the trigger to work, but it takes a bit or trial and error.

      • That it does and thus far they are winning!

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