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The Enemy Below

  Recently I had the opportunity to watch an old movie that I had not seen in a number of years but remembered it as a great film. The movie is the 1957 release of the The Enemy Below. The story line is a cat and mouse game between a German U-boat captained by Curt […]

President at the Bat

  Great Satire. Warning: Liberals have no sense of humor and will not find funny.  

I feel like a chicken sandwich, how about you?

I’m going to go out of my way for a chicken sandwich this week. Yes, that’s right, out of my way. And I’m not going to MacDonalds for one, although I like them and the nearest MacDonald’s is only 1/2 mile away. And I’m not going to Arby’s for one either, even though they make […]

A Change of Plans

Did you ever have your day planned out and suddenly all bets are off and you discover much to your chagrin, your plans have changed? Well, it happened to me recently on a Sunday morning. Below is my journal entry from the day I got out of the hospital. Tuesday, July 24, 2012 7:11 AM A […]

Great Human Interest Mystery Story from the Civil War

  Great human interest mystery story from the Civil War. The summary is as follows: A Union soldier from a Ohio Regiment finds and takes a prayer-book off a dead Confederate soldier in an early battle in western Virginia. The Union soldier proves to be an amazing survivor of the war! He inscribed the prayer-book and gave […]

The Aurora Shootings and My Pastor’s Lack of a Take

  Below is link to my friend’s blog. Actually, he is more than a friend although he is my best male friend. My best female friend is my wife just in case any of you are wondering. But, as I said he’s more than my friend, he’s also my pastor and my boss. I get […]


I’m trying to be selective with blog postings that are political in nature. I  do for this a number of reasons. 1) While politics interests me, politics do not necessarily interest my all readers. I prefer a more broad appeal over the narrower. 2) Even people who are interested in politics are sick of it […]

WW2 Plane and Pilot Found After 70 Years

William Pryor-Bennett (62) is the closest living relative of Flight Sergeant Denis Copping, who, at the age of 24, crash-landed his Kittyhawk P40 plane and walked across the sands to his death. This is a fascinating story of the above RAF Squadron 260 pilot, Sergeant Denis Copping. Sergeant Copping and another pilot were flying two […]

Illinois vs Wisconsin

I haven’t posted anything political lately. The doctor said I needed to watch my blood pressure so I try not to ponder the fact we are on a rocket sled and headed for a cliff. Nevertheless, I figure the stuff that makes me smile can’t be too bad for the blood pressure so that explains […]

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Copyright © Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved. “Ravenous, the gods of war demanded men- lots of men. Northern armies were at first manned solely by volunteers, with each state assigned a quota based on population. But in 1863, after volunteering had slackened off, Congress passed a federal conscription law…