The Sharps Rifle

I’ve  had an interest in  the Sharps Rifle, especially the American Civil War model used by the Berdan’s Sharpshooters (1st USSS and 2nd USSS). Unlike State raised troops US Regulars were drawn from all the States. Company G of the first regiment was recruited from Wisconsin.

English: The 1859 Berdan Sharps rifle.

The 1859 Berdan Sharps rifle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Berdan’s Sharpshooters featuring the famous Sharps Rifle. The two regiments of sharpshooters were clad in forest green as opposed to the standard Union blue.

As far as I know there isn’t a movie about the American Civil War that features the Berdans, although I do recall a scene in Gettysburg where you catch a glimpse of the famous unit skirmishing.

There are at least two movies that feature the post-Civil War Sharps.

The first is from Quigley Down Under starring Tom Selleck as Quigley. I like the line about the sight on the Sharps. Quigley remarks:

“marked up to shoot 1200 yards, this one a mite further.”

The second is from the 1971 movie, “Valdez is Coming” starring Burt Lancaster as Valdez. Valdez is making shots at the bad guys at 1000 yards.

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