Death is no longer abstract

This week the President who killed Osama (oh wait, that was the Navy Seals,) announced the timeline for the US to be out of Afghanistan entirely.

American Soldier in Afghanistan

I thought the bit about making pals with the Taliban if they agree to make nice revealed an idiotic kumbaya, naiveté on the part of President O. Whatever else one thinks about the war in Afghanistan to think the Taliban is capable of pluralistic make nice is just plain stupid.

The thing the left does not seem to get is the close connection between Islam and politics. Islam does not merely influence politics, it controls politics as the Taliban version of sharia have amply illustrated. To think the Taliban has any other agenda to once again implement sharia in Afghanistan once we and NATO leave is the height of wishful thinking.

And just for the record, this does not mean I think we should stay. I don’t.  Nation building is risky business especially when that nation has no history of the same kind of values of the nation trying to help it rebuild. It may have worked in post-war Japan but that’s only because Japan was a defeated nation completely at the mercy of the US which rebuilt that country with that mercy in mind.

It’s time to leave but my point of view comes from the observation that Karzai and company as well as most Afghans do  not want us there although they do want our money. In other words, the Afghans may not all be Taliban, but they are Moslems and this means that Islam and politics are one and the same thing because sharia law makes them so.

So much for my big picture analysis but my biggest interest is in our troops who actually have to fight an undeclared war for a people who really do not care one way or the other or actually favor Taliban style sharia.

This link goes to Stars and Stripes and features a story regarding two soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division. The story recounts their close encounter with death in a skirmish with the Taliban in which they were both wounded.

It speaks volumes about the friendship and camaraderie that soldiers share.

Brave men like this deserve more than an official policy that seems to think there is a difference between Taliban style sharia and Islam in general. Maybe so, but one would be wise to not underestimate what sharia means and what it would look like should Islam triumph not only in Afghanistan again but in the west where Islam is on the rise.

I was going to end this post here when I came across this picture of American US female soldiers in Afghanistan being forced to submit to sharia by wearing the hijab. It’s sensitivity training so as to not offend Islam. All I can say is that it’s a snap-shot of all that is wrong with the whole stinking situation. Note that our gals are all wearing body armor but no helmets. Presumably the hijab is bullet proof.

Give me a break!

4 comments on “Death is no longer abstract

  1. Bruce,
    These anecdotal reports combined with the apparent ignorance of our political policy makers (both parties) and 99.9% of the populace concerning the Qur’an, the Hadith, the Sira and the historical record of Islam is maddening.

    Couple that elongated thought with the Hydra of political correctness and we are seemingly doing all we can to insure the success of our enemies.

  2. Wups…probably messed up a little grammer there, but don’t see a way to edit.

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