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Happy May Day and the Symbolism

T34 tanks parade in Red Square

Do not underestimate the power of symbolism. Symbols mean something or they would not be used. Many downplay or even defend Marxism claiming it differs in substance from Stalinist or Maoist Communism. This is only true by degree. Marxists are a large camp with some differences but all are collectivists.

The symbolism used, especially on May Day ties them all together in a universal collectivist way that should alarm liberty loving Americans who oppose “the regime” known as the Obama Administration.

May Day is a big deal in Marxist, Collectivist, Stalinist, Communist countries and among those people in other countries that admire Marxist, Collectivist, Stalinist, Communist countries.

The picture to the left shows WW2 T34 tanks on parade in Red Square in 2010. The flag in the back ground is different from the red Hammer and Sickle but many believe that Putin who is former KGB is at heart a Marxist.

Hammer and Sickle Flag plus Comrade Stalin

The picture to the right is illustrative of the popularity of communism and a high regard for Stalin, one of the most brutal dictators ever to walk the face of the earth. It is not hard to find pictures that celebrate Stalin’s communism in modern Russia.

May 9th celebrates the Communist victory in Europe

The soldiers above are parading in WW2 uniforms.

It should not surprise us to learn that Russia celebrates the Communist victory in Europe. It’s not even surprising that many Russians look fondly on Communism and Marxism.

But May Day is more than a historical Russian celebration of communism’s victory over¬†fascism. The day serves as a unifying symbol for Marxists everywhere and their hope for the eventual triumph of Marxism.

It’s no accident to find plenty of red symbolism celebrating May Day worldwide. Nor is it a surprise to find the symbolism prevalent in the occupy movement-a fact that speaks volumes regarding their ultimate goals.

May-day march in London by various left-wing g...

May-day march in London by various left-wing groups. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember that Obama promised to fundamentally transform America when he was elected in 2008. Has anyone asked what does that mean? Transform from what to what?

Obama and his collectivist allies, called progressives have openly identified with occupy. Their sympathies are apparent as are their collectivist goals to fundamentally transform America and turn it into a western European socialist state that differs only by degree from Marxist style communism.

We do need to wake up America but not in the way this last picture poster implies. We need to wake up to the reality that the upcoming November election is probably the most important since the American Civil War (election of 1860). Will America continue to be fundamentally transformed into a collectivist, Marxist state or will we stand by our constitution?

The Clenched Fist of Marxism, be afraid, be very afraid America,

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