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Common Sense Often Isn’t

So I went to my public library tonight to get a new library card. I’m doing some genealogy research for the little book for my family on family origins I’m planning to write. Anyway, I have to show my driver’s license and record it on a registration card in order to get my library card. It took maybe […]

Things that Irritate Me, Again.

It’s been a while since I posted a “things that irritate me” post. The fact is these days I could probably publish something political everyday that irritated me and change the name of the blog accordingly. But here goes my top five political irritations as of late. 1. Apple bashing The New York Times is clearly in […]


This is personal trivia but here goes anyway. Way back in the days before INET or Facebook games, before Xbox and PlayStation and before pc games I had a M4 Sherman tank model that we used in tabletop war-gaming (1970’s). The models were hand-painted or air-brushed and we used pictures of the real thing from WW2 to detail the […]

We Gotta Get Out of This Place and other Vietnam Era Tunes

I was briefly in the US Army in the early seventies. It was a time when the draft was still in force and the US was pulling out of Vietnam. I had asthma and should not have been enlisted. After five months or so the Army figured that out and gave me an honorable discharge […]

Originally posted on the Common Constitutionalist:
As has been stated many times in the past; The United States can not be defeated by any military or opposing force outside its borders. It must be self-inflicted from within its own borders by its own people. The following video is a testament to the fine job we…

The Past Upon the Throne

I’m a bit late with this post but was meaning to post something on the Battle of Concord fought on April 19th, 1775. In particular I wanted to say something about the Old North Bridge which figured into the battle. Consider the following poem from Wikipedia. The author of the poem was Ralph Waldo Emerson. […]

No More Boring Garage Doors

I got this link from a friend. Apparently a German company started a bit of a craze with custom-made garage door samples. Below is a sampling from the link. I want the one with the tank.

Women in Combat

I’m about to be politically incorrect. It won’t be the first time, nor will it be the last I’m sure. But before I go politically incorrect here is the obligatory disclaimer, although I think it’s a good one. My mother-in-law who passed away in 2006 was an Army veteran of WW2. She was a WAC […]

Loving the Bagpipes

Light side Friday For your musical enjoyment! 1st on the menu is Dueling Bagpipes. 2nd on the menu is an old film from the end of WW2. The 51st Highland Division on parade. 3rd on the menu is the Red Hot Chili Pipers performing at Milwaukee’s Irish Fest. My wife and I were there for […]

The back story on Paul Revere from a blogger friend of mine.