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Totalitarianism\Power\Public Education

Some time ago I had a chat with a man 25+ years younger than myself. We had a mutual interest in Russian WW2 History and that led to a political discussion. I was surprised to learn he was a self-proclaimed Marxist with one qualifier. He said that Stalin went too far but as a system Marxism was the way to go.

Frankly, I was shocked. I knew that the young man didn’t like Stalin because of the mass killings but seemed okay with his totalitarian ideas not realizing that mass killings tend to go hand-in-hand with totalitarianism of any stripe.

English: Joseph Stalin after 1943 in military ...

I was curious as to where this younger man got his ideas apart from his interest in Russian WW2 History so I asked him about his public school education and in particular what he had learned about comparative political\economic systems. His answer, in a round about way was not much. When I brought up the issue of the US Constitution all I got was a vague nod of agreement that there was one.

The experience with the young man was refreshed in my mind when I read this story in the Huffington Post, a liberal progressive outlet of the first order.

The story has to do with Catholic Schools closing in Pennsylvania, partly because they are disqualified from a choice voucher program. That’s something that is common in many parts of the country.

The argument however quickly became about something else. The something else could fall under the heading the ACLU versus a Catholic Bishop.

Apparently, the Bishop in Pennsylvania remarked that…

In totalitarian governments, they would love our system,” McFadden told WHTM-TV. “This is what Hitler and Mussolini and all those tried to establish a monolith so all the children would be educated in one set of beliefs and one way of doing things.”

To whit the ACLU replied…

In response, Andy Hoover, legislative director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania, notes to the Scranton Atheism Examiner that public school systems don’t indoctrinate children, as they are told to be neutral on matters of religious belief, whereas Catholic schools can teach Catholic faith. Hoover opposes school voucher programs, in which public dollars could be shifted to pay for low-income students to attend private schools.

“I don’t think Hitler would appreciate children learning about free speech or freedom of religion, he also wouldn’t appreciate Jewish children being educated.” Hoover tells the Examiner, adding that a democratic system of open public school meetings with elected positions is “completely opposite” of a totalitarian government. “Any time someone brings up Hitler in a debate, you know they’ve lost.

Despite the rather obvious fear of having young people exposed to any kind of religious faith the ACLU consistently misses the broader point, probably on purpose, since they frequently make camp with fellow social progressive/socialists/ anti-Christian Marxists.

If the public school system is a democratic system with elected positions is the definition of something not totalitarian then the ACLU does not know its history regarding Adolf Hitler. That’s because Adolf was freely elected by the German people in a democratic system.

The rest of course is history. Adolf Hitler led a totalitarian state not unlike that of Stalin and he was freely elected to do so. The issue is about power, not the particular means of gaining power  but how that power is used once gained.

The public school system in the US is largely controlled by social progressives that we call Democrats. The Democrats are controlled by something we call “unions.” This is something that is particularly crystal clear in my home state of Wisconsin and it is the primary reason our Governor is facing recall. Governor Walker has succeeded in what no governor has even tried to do and that is break the power arrangement between the social progressive unions and the social progressive Democrats who have enjoyed a rather cozy power arrangement of scratching one another’s back at the expense of the taxpayers of Wisconsin, a state that leans blue I may point out.

So, is the Bishop’s comparison with Hitler and Mussolini completely invalid? I think not, not when you keep in mind the means and use of power issue. As long as our state had a social progressive governor (Doyle) the social progressive unions got what they wanted with John Cue Taxpayer having little to no say in the matter. Whatever else you might call it, it certainly was a power block as long as the voters of Wisconsin chose to put  up with it by continuing to elect Democrats who, as we know, just love to raise taxes and take it to the bourgeoisie.

And what do you suppose the  socially progressive public school system would teach the young minds full of mush? Certainly not religion, the ACLU would not stand for it because as they say the public schools have to be neutral on matters of religion.

But are they neutral when it comes to politics and economic systems? I think not and it’s here the Catholic bishop makes his point. The system favors the power arrangement of totalitarianism since the system favors the power arrangements social progressives are so fond of. It follows that the children (and it’s all about the children according to the social progressives) will follow their teachers. This observation is made apparent by that fact that university students by a wide margin favor social progressive ideas. Have they been indoctrinated by a system that has totalitarian similarities? You make the call.

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