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Jerusalem-A Battlefield for Centuries

Here’s an interesting link about a Christian artifact found in Jerusalem. It dates to the Byzantine era. The Byzantines (or “Rum” meaning Roman as they called themselves) held Palestine and Jerusalem until 614 A.D. when it fell to the Sassanid Persians.  The Persians (modern Iran) were not Moslems at this time. They practiced a religion called Zoroastrianism and were the historic enemies of the Byzantines.

The city was badly damaged and looted (typical for the period) in the battle but was recovered and rebuilt by the Byzantines in 620 A.D.

This did not last long however because in 638 A.D. an Arab Army embarking on Jihad took the famous city.

Ironically, the Arabs also destroyed the Sassanid Persians and Zoroastrianism as well by 653 A.D. This  is why Iran (Persia) is Moslem today and why Islam dominates the entire region.

Prior to the Arab Wars of Jihad the great cities of the east, Jerusalem, Antioch and Alexandria were Christian. The tiny relic found in Jerusalem is a reminder that Jerusalem has been fought over for centuries.

Early Christian relic found in Jerusalem

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