Creeping Sharia

I received my Voice of the Martyrs magazine the other day. The whole issue deals with the persecution of Christians in Moslem countries notably Iran, Afghanistan, South Sudan and the Philippines which is not a Moslem country.

In fact an Iranian Christian pastor faces death if he does not recant his faith.

To those of you who think this sort of thing is a rarity or confined to Iran and a few Moslem countries think again. As recorded by the Voice of the Martyrs even countries like Egypt who supposedly tolerate freedom of religion in reality do not.

In the meantime our own country walks through the fog of political correctness and chooses to characterize Islam a “religion of peace” when the reality is it’s a religion of peace as long as Sharia Law prevails. This is no small point and precisely why Islam tolerates no other belief system than Islam.

Pluralism in a religious sense is  “the state or condition of a common civilization in which various ethnic, racial, or religious groups are free to participate in and develop their common cultures.”  The concept of pluralism does not exist in any kind of genuine sense in most Moslem countries of which there are 56. Pluralism in these countries is defined as a guidance for the member states in the matters of human rights in as much as they are compatible with the Sharia, or Quranic Law.

Please catch the part about being compatible with Sharia Law. They will develop a common culture only if it is compatible with Sharia Law. That is one huge “only if.”

It’s quite remarkable that in the western democracies that are obsessed with the separation of church and state the same democracies fail to recognize the “oneness” between Moslem State and the Moslem theology of Islam called Sharia Law. Even where Sharia Law is not the official law of the land, like Egypt, Sharia Law is practiced to the degree it can be while groups like the Muslim Brotherhood seek to make it official so the full force of Sharia is put into practice.

And if you think the western democracies are immune from “creeping sharia” think again. There is a huge debate in France as we speak in regards to that liberal country’s effort to “ban the burqa.” 

To the average American the burqa is nothing more than a cultural anomaly akin to the Amish wearing their traditional clothing and bonnets.  To the Moslem  the burqa is much more because it’s connected with Sharia Law. The otherwise liberal French (and other European countries with significant Moslem minorities) have grasped the connection and sought to reverse the trend where-by Moslems can live in a host country and apply Sharia Law to their own communities. In other words it’s not really about the wearing of the burqa; it’s about one culture slowly replacing another culture and the French seem to realize that.

This is really quite remarkable if you think about it. This would be like applying the laws of Mexico to our own Mexican legal immigrants and allowing Mexican law to supersede American law as it applies to Mexicans who are citizens of the US. That’s nuts and the French it appears have woken up to the fact that it is nuts.

The western democracies have bent over backwards to be tolerant, to be political correct, to treat everyone by western standards of democracy without realizing that Sharia and Islam do not work in the same way since there is no other way than Sharia.

Moslems are taught that Sharia is “God’s way” and there is no other way and by and large they have the courage of their convictions. It seems clear that they do or you would not hear about what we consider the atrocities of applied Sharia in countries where it is the formal law of the land. Atrocities that include the stoning of homosexuals and adulterers. Atrocities that require the removal of the hand of a thief and atrocities like female genital mutilation are Sharia realities in countries that can get away with it.

To be sure, not all Moslem countries go that far in their application of Sharia for many realize that the western democracies, even the most liberal shudder at the thought and rightly so. Other Moslems are no doubt disgusted by some of the extremes associated with Sharia just as many Christians are disgusted by fringe extremists that use the term “Christian” to justify their extremes.

This does not mean however that Moslems as a whole do not think that Sharia in general is not superior to the constitutions of the liberal democracies that host Moslem minorities just as the French are discovering. (To be fair there are Moslems living in non-Moslem countries opposed to Sharia Law but one must remember to oppose Sharia is to oppose Islam and as we’ve seen that can be risky so if there are many Moslems opposed to Sharia they are largely silent.)

We in America don’t really grasp the kind of intense religious reality associated with Sharia because much of America has a hard time taking our own religions seriously much less grasping just how serious many Moslems take theirs.

“Creeping sharia” in the western democracies is the politically correct version of “creeping  jihadism.”  There is more than one way to get what you want. The Prussian General Von Moltke said “war is diplomacy carried out by violent (other) means.” Militant jihadsim that produces suicide bombers is that kind of diplomacy but another kind of jihad is using the west’s obsession with tolerance to eventually get what you want. What they want is universal Sharia since they believe it is “God’s way” and the only way, not only for Moslems but for anyone else which is why Iranian Christian pastors can lose their lives in the they do not recant.

We need to pay more attention to the people who are trying to bring to our attention what is going on lest we be blinded to a reality contrary to what we know as western civilization.

People like Robert Spencer of Jihad WatchJihad Watch is an attempt to raise awareness about the activities of the global jihadists. They are a 501c3 organization affiliated with the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Another resource is Glen Beck. Whether or not you agree with Glen on everything one thing you can say is that his organization usually does their homework. Like Spencer, Beck uses what Moslems have said and are saying to make the point about creeping jihadism.

This free video answers the question of what Khilafah is. (and what it means about creeping jihadism)

In fact, if you run a Google search for Sharia Law you will find many websites and blogs that warn what is happening.

When 9/11 occurred I like many accepted at face value that extreme jihad-ism was the only kind of jihad-ism and that it was limited to Al Qaeda and the Taliban and the like. But extreme jihad-ism is not the only type of jihad-ism as the battle over the burqa in France illustrates.

As a Christian minister my main concern is always to bring the truth of Jesus Christ to Moslems but as we know that can be risky business and just because the gospel is my main concern it does not mean I am not concerned about western civilization where we still have the freedom to practice that gospel.

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